the inspiration + the life behind it...

I have been designing clothing, as long as I can remember. Ive always loved to sew, recycle, rummage, create and bring life to old thrown away fabrics. Ive been making handmade one of a kind clothing for 14 years now. The healthy lifestyle came later, after I was diagnosed alarmingly with breast cancer. I always considered myself a healthy person, so to hear the news: cancer. I was floored. In hindsight after pouring into research, I quickly realized I was not caring for my body as well as I had originally thought.  While I accepted some conventional help, such as surgery, I declined the conveyor belt of oncology offerings. I decided instead to heal my body. The deeper I dug, the more layers of healing I became aware of.


What began with going raw and plant based, detoxed an entire lifetime of bad habits to the surface. Healing is emotional. Naturally, I was drawn towards healing books about diet and exercise. Tangible things that I could control or fix right away. But what took more work and pain, was to face the emotional giants in my life. The chapters that I never thought were worth my time, about forgiveness, bitterness, anxiety, people pleasing and worst of all, fear. Pretty soon, I realized the process of healing is a lifestyle. It can’t be a sprint, but rather a marathon. Peeling layers of the unwanted naturally as I evolve into the spiritual being I was designed to be, day by day.

My clothing slogan has always been “ its a lifestyle”….. and my healing journey gave that more depth than every before. So I began a journey of peeling the layers that were keeping me sick. Mind body and spirit. I took responsibility and most all massive action. I knew I couldn’t go back to living the same hurried way. I couldn’t continue to push myself to make 100 pieces of clothing per week, I couldn’t do time consuming custom projects that I didn’t enjoy for the sake of people pleasing , I couldn’t drink coffee like water, or sleep a few hours and wing it. The hustle was killing me. So I decided to change the hustle. No matter how productive our days can be, with homeschooling and a busy toddler, we know the importance of doing our favorite life-giving things like surfing, and being near the ocean in general. Just being outside in the sunshine is extremely healing. 

I vowed to love my self better and model what a healthy lifestyle looks like for my three children. My oldest daughter 11 at the time of my diagnosis, became the family cook while I healed from three back to back surgeries in one year. My healing journey inspired her to compile her creative healthy and totally yummy recipes into her own vegan coloring cookbook. Her desire was for other children to take part in preparing healthy foods. 

I have shared my journey openly on instagram, if you are interested in specifics. Unfortunately, I am not able to give medical advice or answer all of the emails I get in regards to my cancer journey.  I try to share the most common questions in my posts over there. If you scroll back some, I  touch on some very important healing basics I have learned. Remember, this is just my personal journey. I prayed for peace and guidance and the Lord is faithful.  My choices are not an exhaustive list, but only serve to hopefully inspire others to be the CEOS of their own health.  Which brings me to, my new love, CBD. My husband and I have become affiliates with an awesome company, Hempworx. Why? Because it works! We have been using this full spectrum organic CBD to help us with our insomnia, back pain, anxiety, plantar fasciitis, hormones, you name it.  Clinical research suggests CBD creates aptosis in cancer cells. ( see reference* )

These are not medical claims and are certainly not intended to replace an integrative doctor. What we can do is, again encourage you to take your health back and google up the benefits of CBD. There is exciting clinical research all over the net these days, as we rally a movement that aims to bring hemp back as regular cash crop. If that is exciting to you, reach out to me and I will let you know how you can also be involved.

So this is my little slice of the internet, where handmade clothing is my heart, yet it’s no longer my soul. Instead I’ve made space for a lifestyle. A really healthy one. Thank you for being here. I value your time and I hope this space fills you up with good things.

Hugs, Shauna Hursh Xo